Company History

G BIKE TOURS was created in 2010 in Cajón del Maipo to allow visitors to travel in remote locations in contact with nature, feel the sense of freedom and the wind on their face, listen to the rivers flowing between imposing mountains, and enjoy unforgettable mountain biking and/or hiking experiences.

G BIKE TOURS is dedicated to providing excellent tourism services from its base in San José de Maipo, just outside Santiago de Chile.

Thanks to the quality and experience of its staff, the company has achieved a privileged position, having been recognized among its peers for providing an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable service.

We are registered in Chile’s National Tourism Service SERNATUR and have a commercial license in San José de Maipo. We have also received seed capital, have obtained the Q SEAL in tourism quality, and form part of Chilean export promotion agency ProChile’s Digital Directory for the Santiago Metropolitan Region.


“To provide the best cyclotourism and outdoor activity experience to local and foreign visitors, focusing our efforts on developing high-quality, sustainable tourism in Cajón del Maipo.”


“To be an innovative sustainable tourism company, basing our business model on cycling and partnerships with other local tourism services. Through our customer focus and the quality of our services, we will promote Cajón del Maipo and Santiago de Chile as tourism destinations.”

Why Us?

A Local Company

We hire local guides and collaborate with craftspeople on our tours and programs, such as goat’s cheese, honey, herbal tea and beer producers, contributing to local development.


Our company believes that everyone has the right to relax and enjoy an adventure. We are committed to creating experiences that enable inclusive tourism.

Environmental Responsibility

We compost organic waste, and aim to reduce our CO2 footprint by promoting cycling as a green mode of transport.


Our Team

Sebastián Covarrubias

Sebastián Covarrubias

Marketing Executive

Sebastián is an ecotourism professional qualified in business management and outdoor activity planning. His goal is to position G Bike Tours as a sustainable company with high-quality activities to ensure that its customers have the best possible experience.

Cristian Román

Cristian Román

Guide Coordinator

Cristian is a qualified outdoor activity guide with extensive experience in training teams. He coordinates with guides to ensure that all activities are carried out successfully, and on our tours he offers a range on knowledge on local culture, flora and fauna. His aim is to ensure that the company meets its goals.

Elizabeth Vega

Elizabeth Vega

HR and Organizational Development

Elizabeth is qualified in business management. She has extensive experience in human resources and organizational development, and is responsible for our project management. She enjoys nature, the mountains and outdoor activities.

Gabriel Valderrama

Gabriel Valderrama


Gabriel is the founder and driving force behind G Bike Tours. He is persistent and passionate about adventure tourism, nature and sports, and has stood out in various projects to support the company and local community. In addition to his role at G Bike Tours, he is also the secretary of Cajón del Maipo’s tourism association, which represents 52 local tourism companies.


El Añil 22859, San José de Maipo, Chile

Contact Us

+56 9 8268 4784