Covid-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Measures and Protocols

At G Bike Tours, the wellbeing and experience of our customers is the most important thing to us.

For that reason, we have increased all our health and safety and quality standards, implementing all protocols recommended by Chile’s National Tourism Service SERNATUR and the World Health Organization (WHO) in the various processes throughout our service supply chain in order to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 in our facilities to the greatest possible extent.
All of our accommodation enables considerable social distancing, reducing physical contact between guests.

Por esto, hemos incrementado todos nuestros estándares en materia de seguridad, calidad, higiene y salud, implementando todos los protocolos recomendados por SERNATUR y la OMS (Organización Mundial de la Salud) en los distintos procesos de nuestra cadena de prestación de servicios, para minimizar al máximo el riesgo de contagio de Covid-19 en nuestras instalaciones.

Cabe destacar, que cada uno de nuestros alojamientos tienen una distancia considerable entre sí, favoreciendo el distanciamiento físico y el contacto entre pasajeros.

Cleanliness, Disinfection and Protection

A) Upon entering the reception area, each customer must pass through a disinfection tunnel, including the following measures:

  • Disinfectant mat
  • Hand sanitization
  • Baggage sanitization
  • Review of protocols and signs
  • Temperature check
  • Review of COVID-19 Sworn Statement

B) We have increased cleaning and disinfection work in all areas, including rooms, common areas and meeting rooms, as well as items entering from outside such as baggage.

C) Hand sanitizer will be provided in common areas.

D) We will prioritize single-use items, and establish protection systems in reception and check-in areas.


A) In line with current health requirements to ensure that we can provide adventure tourism services safely, all of our activities will be carried out exclusively with single groups of customers.

  • An exclusive guide will be assigned to each customer or group for each activity, in order to prevent contact with other customers on the same or different activities.
  • • Only one group may be present on each activity at any given time. Only once an activity has finished can the same activity be started again with another person or group.

B) Information and gear for outdoor activities:


  • Before starting the activity, all required documentation for our customers to sign their sworn statements and receive relevant information in order to participate in the activity safely will be provided.
  • Customers will receive all necessary equipment once it has been cleaned and sanitized in facilities that guarantee appropriate social distancing.
  • During the activity, each customer or group and their exclusive guide will not be in contact with other customers, and must observe all health and safety regulations provided by each guide and displayed on signs.
  • After the activity, all equipment used will be cleaned and sanitized, and stored for at least 24 hours before being used again.

Obligations for guests

A) All our guests must use face masks in public areas of our facilities. Each customer must bring their own mask.

B) All guests must follow the instructions and protocols provided by G Bike staff.

C) All customers must pass through the disinfection tunnel whenever they enter the reception area.

D) To enter the facilities, they must have submitted their “COVID-19 Sworn Statement”.

E) Customers must complete the check-in process online.

Social Distancing and Capacity Limits

We must observe and maintain social distancing in our facilities, both between guests and employees, and have provided signs and reminders at different points throughout our establishment.


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